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Guidelines for SMCR-MBRS Mailing List

Access to the electronic mailing list is restricted to members in good standing of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. Your name and email address are added to the list upon receipt of dues payment, and removed if/when your membership is terminated. Chris Hitchcock currently serves as list administrator, and prepared these guidelines.

Anyone who subscribes to this mailing list is free to post to the list. There is no screening or vetting of email messages. If you send it to the correct email address ( and you send it from the email address from which you are subscribed, it should go straight out to the list.

I have made some administrative choices which may affect that. The email address you send your contribution from needs to match the email address from which you are subscribed – this protects us from spam and other unsolicited information. Also, if you reply to a posting on the list, by default it will only go to the original poster, not to the list as a whole. To send to the whole list, check that the mailing list address ( is included in your list of addresses before you send your message. Finally, there is a size limit on email messages, which rules out many large attachments.

When messages get bounced, it is generally because they were misaddressed (e.g., to>, which comes to me), were sent to the original poster rather than to the whole list (you need to explicitly add> to the CC list to send a reply to the list – a choice I made to save people some embarrassment when they sent personal messages to the entire membership by accident), or were too large to pass the screening for the mailing list.

When I get a bounced message, I forward that message to the original sender, let them know that their message bounced, and how to resend it.

I have added a footer to the email system, which I hope will add some of this information to the bottom of each message, so that the process becomes more transparent.

I hope that this clarifies the process for the electronic mailing list. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Chris Hitchcock
electronic mailing list administrator ( for the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research