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About the Society

Board of Directors

The Society is governed by an elected board of directors with staggered six-year terms.

Incoming President Ingrid Johnston-Robledo receives the bronze tampon from mentor and Past President Peggy Stubbs at 2013 meeting of SMCR.

President- Ingrid Johnston-Robledo

is Dean of Arts & Letters at Castleton State College. Her research specialties include the psychology of women’s embodiment, with particular emphasis on women’s attitudes toward their reproductive functions.

President-elect – Chris Bobel


is an Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at University of Massachusetts-Boston. Her specialities include women-centered social movements, including menstrual activism.

Secretary – Laura Wershler

is the former Executive Director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly Planned Parenthood Alberta), a non-profit that facilitates access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, education and services, in Calgary, Alberta.

Treasurer – Jenny Gorman

is a senior lecturer in Psychology at Connecticut College.

Joan Chrisler

is Professor of Psychology at Connecticut College. Her specialties include PMS, attitudes toward menstruation and menopause, sociocultural aspects of menstruation, and cognitive and behavioral changes across the menstrual cycle.

Heather Dillaway

is an Assistant Professor of sociology at Wayne State University.

Mindy J. Erchull

is a social psychologist who works as an Assistant Professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia.

Breanne Fahs

is an Associate Professor of women & gender studies at Arizona State University, where she specializes in studying women’s sexuality, critical embodiment studies, radical feminism, and political activism. She is also a clinical psychologist specializing in sexuality, couples work, and trauma recovery.

Lisa Leger

is an instructor of the Justisse method of Fertility Awareness.

David Linton [Newsletter Editor]

is Professor of Communication Arts (retired) at Marymount Manhattan College in New York.

Maria Luisa Marván

is a researcher at the Institute of Psychological Research, Universidad Veracruzana and belongs to the Mexican Research Association. Her specialties include sociocultural aspects of menstruation, pms, and attitudes toward menarche and menstruation.

Maureen McHugh

is a Professor of Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she teaches Psychology of Women, Human Sexuality, Diversity Issues, and Social Psychology.

Sheryl Mendlinger

is with the Institute on Urban Health Research at Northeastern University.

Janette Perz

is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Research at the University of
Western Sydney. She researches in the field of reproductive and sexual health with a particular
focus on gendered experiences, subjectivity, and identity

Jerilynn Prior

is Professor of Endocrinology at the University of British Columbia and Scientific Director of the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research. Her specialties include ovulation, perimenopause, progesterone, and a feminist approach to women’s health.

Tomi-Ann Roberts


is Professor of psychology at Colorado College.

Evelina Weidman Sterling

is a public health educator and researcher specializing in reproductive and women’s health issues.

Immediate Past President - Margaret L. (Peggy) Stubbs

[mstubbs[at] ]
is Professor of Psychology at Chatham University in Pittsburgh PA. Her specialties include psychosocial aspects of menstruation; attitudes towards menstruation, pubertal development; and menstrual education throughout the lifespan.

Jane Ussher


is Professor of Women’s Health Psychology at University of Western Sydney. She has been researching gendered health since she started her PhD in 1983. Her research focuses on examining gendered factors underlying mental health problems, subjectivity and identity in relation to the reproductive body and sexuality, and gendered issues in cancer and cancer care.